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We're a rag tag band of Pirates washed ashore here in Foley MN, at the other end of the Devils Triangle. Every year, like the call of the siren, we hold Pirate Festival and Games to call you back to your Pirate roots. 

Triangles End has been built by a crew of dedicated craftsmen, artists and kindred spirits. Its goal to provide a space where adults can be kids again and families have fun together all the while working to raise money for the Animal Humane Society.

Triangles End hosts two types of events: Pirate Adventure and Pirate Fest (Putting on my best pirate imitation)

Pirate Adventure!

Ye'll be part of a crew that competes in thrilling activities like Treasure Hunt, Gunnery Range, Cannon Ball and Axe Throwing. Ye'll also enjoy a hearty feast and plenty to drink with yer mates. It's an all-inclusive package that will make ye feel like a real pirate!

Pirate Fest!

Ye'll pay an admission fee and then pick and choose which activities ye want to do some be free others require additional treasure. Ye can also sample delicious food and drinks from our vendors at an extra cost. Ye'll have the freedom to roam around Triangles End and discover its secrets at yer own pace.

What ye should expect when visiting

We look forward to seeing you in September 2024 for fun and adventure for the whole family as we raise money for a great cause.

We'll keep a weather eye out for you!

I'll teach you how to jump on the wind's back, then away we go!

Our Mission

Our Mission

To create a world powered by imagination that lets our quests have an adventure unlike anything in Minnesota while helping raise money for a great cause.


Our Vision

To never grow up

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