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Pirate Adventure

Are you ready to join a crew and set sail for a day of swashbuckling adventure? Come join us for our Pirate Adventure, take part in team-based events such as treasure hunts, capture the flag, a gunnery range and a game called pirate ball! At the end of the day, we'll weigh the treasure to crown a winning crew, followed by a feast. So don your best pirate attire and join us for a day of fun and excitement! Be not concerned with additional treasure as ye all provisions are included Arrrr!


Pirate Adventure is a full day immersive event. Make plans to arrive by 11:00 so you can catch your ride to Triangle End (Guests that arrive late will need to walk to Triangles End and may miss being selected into a crew. This is not unlike attending a theatrical performance please be on time). Crew members need to arrive promptly to ensure the games occur on schedule and that you have time to become familiar with your crewmates and crew lead for the day.


Land Fall

Arrive at Lands End and proceed to Port Waye to catch a ride to Triangles End


Treasure Hunt and Capture the Flag

Let the games begin, you can your crew mates will begin your treasure hunt adventure trekking across acers of woods and fields in your quest for treasure. But be on the lookout for from those scoundrels from the other crews who may be planning steal your treasure!


Gunnery Range OR Pirate Ball

Next up we'll be testing your skills as gunners and defenders to the mast. The crews will rotate thought these challenges ultimately completing head-to-head.

At the Gunnery Range your crew will be measured to see if they can put iron on target (Ok wood in this case) using full size steel cannons powered by the winds of perdition (These are air cannons, and the range is controlled by a Gunnery Master)

At Key Blanko, your crew will engage another crew head on at Pirate Ball. Pirate Ball is a modified version of Dodge ball designed test your metal in ship-to-ship competition (If you're not feeling up to it, please feel free to watch and cheer your crewmates on!).


Awards and Feast!
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