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 Join us for the pirate Feast at Triangles End, where we celebrate the return of our brave crews from the games


Pirate Adventure Attendees

Ye won't want to miss this chance to see who will be crowned the victors of 2023!

The feast is part of the grand ceremony where we weigh and measure the treasure that each crew has plundered from the seas. The crew with the most loot will be hailed as the champions and receive a special prize. But don't worry, there's plenty of fun for everyone!

Once the winning crew has been crowned, the feast will begin. We have prepared a feast fit for a king, with food and drink for most palates. Whether ye prefer roasted meat, salads or exotic seadogs we have it all. So come and join us for a night of merriment and adventure at the pirate Feast at Triangles End!


Pirate Fest Attendees

Don't miss our amazing food options for additional plunder! You can choose from delicious burgers, hotdogs, soda, water and wood fired pizza, all prepared fresh and served hot. Whether you need a quick bite or a hearty meal, our Alacarte food options will satisfy your hunger and your taste buds.

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