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Gunnery Range

Ahoy, Are ye ready for a swashbuckling adventure at Triangles End? Join us for a pirate experience like no other, where ye can test your skills at cannon gunnery and win some loot for your crew!


Ye and your crew will have a chance to man six full-size steel cannons and fire 10 rounds per cannon at targets of different ranges. Show us how well ye can aim and blast those scurvy dogs out of the water!

For each target hit, ye will earn some treasure to fill your crew's chest. But don't worry, our cannons are safe and use air instead of gunpowder. Our master at arms will make sure no one loses a limb or an eye!

So, what are ye waiting for? Come aboard and join the fun at Triangles End, where pirates rule the prairie!


Pirate Adventure Attendees - The Gunnery Range is another core piece of crew vs crew experience.


Pirate Fest Attendees - The Gunnery Range is open for you to visit and if find yourself bewitched by the smell and sound of the cannons, you can purchase your shot from the Master at Arms!

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