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Pirate Fest

Are you ready to join a crew and set sail for a day of swashbuckling adventure? Come join us for our Pirate Fest, hop a ride on a prairie schooner, hunt for treasure, try your hand at the gunnery range, join a game of pirate ball or just hang out a Jolly Joes! Come join us for adventure, fun, food and music.


Spend the day or a few hours exploring Triangles End and having fun with the family. Enjoy a beverage and something to eat at the BBQ or wood fired pizza at B24. There also activities at Triangles End like Axe Throwing, Musical performances and other events of a pirate nature. The Fest runs from 11:00am - 4:00pm

Sail into Adventure

Arrive at Lands' End and follow a trail into a new world where you will arrive at Port Waye to catch a ride on the Epiphany a "prairie schooner" that will transport you from place to place at Triangles End

Acquire a map, a compass and provisions from the Quater Master and set a course for adventure as you navigate across 60 ackers of woods, fields and lowlands to find treasure!

Experience the exhilaration of firing the closest thing to a real cannon without needing gun powder. Six full size cannons stand ready for you to try your hand at engaging targets from near to far, big and small

Join a pick-up game of Pirate Ball or just hang out at Jolly Joes.

Pirate Ball is a modified version of Dodge Ball designed specifically for pirates. The game is indented to simulate ship-to-ship boarding parties. Repel the boarders and project your ship.


The Triangles End crew would be more than happy to host you and a few friends for a game!

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